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Heart to Heart Shanghai Heart Bears

Wu Xuan Heart Bear

The Heart to Heart Shanghai Heart Bears fund-raising initiative was officially launched in October 2005. To date, 23,237 Heart Bears have been sold!

All proceeds from the sale of our Heart Bears go towards sponsorship of heart operations for needy Chinese children.

The Heart Bears wear hand knitted cardigans, in a variety of colours, which have been knitted by Heart to Heart Shanghai volunteers and supporters in Shanghai and overseas. As all of the cardigans are hand-knitted, colours may vary depending on supply.

A red crystal heart is sewn onto each cardigan as a symbol of the repaired heart each Heart to Heart Shanghai sponsored child has after their successful life-saving operation.

Each of the Heart Bears wears a nametag of one of the 3330 children who has benefited from our surgery sponsorship. The comment on each nametag that "A good doctor repaired my heart and now I can walk to school!" is very significant.

In many instances the sponsored children previously suffered from rapidly deteriorating health which prevented them from walking from their homes to attend school. Once their malfunctioning heart has been repaired they can look towards a future where ill-health no longer prevents them from attending school.

Heart to Heart Shanghai Heart Bears are sold at all major social group bazaars in Shanghai. We would especially like to publicly express our appreciation to the many community interest and social groups, schools and businesses that helped in our initial launch of our Heart Bears project in 2005.

For large orders we may be able to knit the cardigans in specific colours to suit your special needs but due to production constraints a considerable lead-time for delivery would be required. If you would like to discuss a possible large order further, please send an e-mail to heartbears@h2hsh.net

To buy a Heart Bear from one of our Volunteers or Supporters, please click here for contact details.

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