Heart to Heart


Heart to Heart Shanghai - how you can help

Heart to Heart Shanghai (formerly known as Gift of Life Friends) is a Shanghai based non-profit community outreach organization of expatriates who volunteer their time and donate money to entertain and give support to children who are undergoing heart operations at the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre (SCMC) and the Shanghai Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital.

Heart to Heart Shanghai also conducts fund-raising activities with proceeds going towards either the sponsoring of a child's heart operation or the purchase of new toys, books, clothing, food and blankets for some of the hospitalised children who come from disadvantaged families.  Heart to Heart Shanghai also coordinates the collection and distribution of used clothing, toys and toiletries to the children's families.

To find out how you as an individual or as part of a group can help Heart to Heart Shanghai please follow the links below for more information on how you can:

Become a Heart to Heart weekday volunteer
Become a Heart to Heart weekend volunteer
Knit cardigans for our Heart Bears
Help assemble our Heart Bears
Sponsor (fully or partly) a child's operation
Donate or contribute towards infant food & formula
Donate clothing, toys and books
Donate or contribute towards blankets and quilts
Donate or contribute towards take-home packs
Collect or distribute personal grooming products