Heart to Heart


Our Website!

Welcome to the website for our community outreach group, Heart to Heart Shanghai.

Our group was established in August 2003 and was known as Gift of Life Friends until its name changed to Heart to Heart Shanghai on 1 July 2006. This new name better encapsulates the work that our Volunteers do with children admitted for heart surgery at the Shanghai Children's Medical Centre (SCMC) and the Shanghai Yodak Cardio-Thoracic Hospital.

Over the years our group has grown not only in numbers but also in purpose and through this website we can circulate information, news and ideas to our Heart to Heart Shanghai Volunteers and to other interested members of the public.

Heart to Heart Shanghai is a very appropriate name as our Volunteers are truly good-hearted people who give their time in entertaining the hospitalised children during our seven days a week play sessions or in raising financial support for the many needy children and their families.

We welcome your feedback on our website as well as your help in reporting any broken links or suggestions for improvement. Please e-mail any feedback comments to webmaster@h2hsh.net