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Heart To Heart Shanghai

Donations and Sponsorship

Heart to Heart Shanghai is most grateful to all individuals, organizations or businesses that donate money, goods, or in-kind support to our community volunteer outreach group.

Heart To Heart Shanghai Field Trip

In-Cash (bank transfer) donations
Cash (bank transfer) donations  are used as specified by the donors, either to

Help sponsor a child's heart operation or Buy products such as warm blankets or protein rich food which are distributed to the Heart to Heart Shanghai sponsored children and their families.

Another successful community initiative also launched by Heart to Heart Shanghai is our School Library Book Project which provides a disadvantaged rural school with a fully comprehensive school library for all students in all class grades.

A simple way for individuals to raise valuable cash donations is to practice Split Bill - Spare Cash when dining out with friends. For more information on this painless way of raising funds for a good cause, click here.

Cash donations to Heart to Heart Shanghai, whether large or small, are always appreciated. For public acknowledgement of our generous cash donors, please click here.

Our sponsored children

Non-cash (in-kind) donations

New and used clothing, in child or adult sizes, plus blankets, toys and books are regularly distributed by Heart to Heart Shanghai. The sponsored children are in need of infant food formula and other protein rich food, plus disposable nappies and baby lotions. Donations of these products are always much appreciated.

Personal grooming products such as those given by airlines to their passengers and hotels to their guests are regularly distributed to the accompanying family members of the Heart to Heart Shanghai sponsored children

Heart to Heart Shanghai also gives to each sponsored child a take-home gift pack containing new items such as exercise books, coloured crayons, pens and pencils, small toys and other items. In-kind or cash donations for these items are most welcome.