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Heart To Heart Shanghai


Save a Life:  RMB 25,000 to Sponsor a Child | Heart To Heart Shanghai

Full Sponsorship

Full sponsorship costs RMB 30,000 with all money initially being paid into the Heart to Heart Shanghai trust account. 

When the sponsored child is discharged from hospital, a final account is issued by the hospital and the corresponding sponsorship money is then paid by bank transfer to the hospital.

No money is paid though any third party agency and copies of the hospital's invoice and accompanying receipt are given to the sponsor.

Heart to Heart Shanghai advises the sponsor of the date of admission to the hospital of their sponsored child and also the scheduled date for the child's surgery along with other relevant details and photographs of the sponsored child. The sponsors are also invited to visit the child whilst he/she is hospitalised.

Heart to Heart Shanghai provides the contact details of the sponsored child to the sponsor who may then wish to independently continue with post-operative support to the child directly, for example by paying education fees or sending books, toys or clothing to the child's family.

Enquiries regarding full sponsorship for heart surgery for a needy Chinese child should be directed to .

Partial Sponsorship

Many individuals and groups may not have the capacity to donate the total RMB 30,000 to sponsor of a child's heart operation.

If a lesser amount can be donated, Heart to Heart Shanghai will collect this money and seek others to donate towards a full sponsorship. When the RMB 30,000 amount has been raised the funds will then be applied to sponsor a child and the procedure for sponsorship as outlined above will be followed.

As with full sponsorship, part sponsors will be provided with relevant details of their co-sponsored child.

Enquiries regarding partial donations towards sponsoring a child's operation can be directed to .