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Heart To Heart Shanghai

About Heart To Heart Shanghai

Our Mission

Heart to Heart Shanghai provides support and financial assistance to needy Chinese children who require heart surgery to repair their congenital heart defects.

Our Motto

Life-saving, life-changing and life-enhancing.

Our Foundation

Heart to Heart Shanghai is:

  • A volunteer based community outreach group founded in June 2003 by concerned expatriates residing in Shanghai, China
  • A non-profit non-partisan voluntary private sector organisation based in Shanghai, China
  • Wholly administered by volunteers with no salaries or commissions paid or deducted from its funds

Our Values

Heart to Heart Shanghai is a community outreach group which:

  • offers voluntary service opportunities such as hospital play-room sessions, Heart Bear production and sales, teaching English to medical staff, collection and distribution of clothing, blankets and food, participation in fund-raising projects, etc.
  • uses all cash and in-kind donations prudently and for the greatest benefit of Chinese underprivileged children who require corrective heart surgery
  • always acts in good faith in all of its dealings and never knowingly incurs debt
  • grows and develops in response to the circumstances and evident needs of the children we assist
  • is non-judgemental of the sponsored children's families, realising that they have exhausted all avenues open to them for the well-being of their children
  • distributes clothing, blankets, toys, books and other goods to those in need in a respectful and caring manner
  • is appreciative of the professional medical care the sponsored children receive in our designated hospitals
  • will not seek to detrimentally influence the children or families we are associated with
  • ensures our Volunteers recognise and uphold the customs and beliefs of the children, their families and medical personnel we are associated with
  • acts at all times in the best interests of the children we are associated with
  • communicates its intentions, purpose and role clearly and with transparency
  • aims to achieve sustainable impact in line with its Mission
  • recognises the intrinsic and unique value of all our Volunteers and the time they voluntarily commit
  • ensures our aims are achieved in a dignified and professional best practice manner
  • does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race or religion in our recruitment of volunteers
  • uses discretion when associating with individuals, other groups and associations and corporations to ensure that their public profile is best associated with our values
  • gives full disclosure to sponsors on the utilisation of their donations
  • gives appropriate public recognition to sponsors and other supporters via our web-site and other publicity materials
  • encourages sponsors to have both in-hospital and post-hospital contact with their sponsored child and the child's family and local community