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Heart To Heart Shanghai

What is Heart To Heart Shanghai ?

Heart to Heart Shanghai is a Shanghai-based non-profit community outreach organization composed of expatriate volunteers who donate their time and money to entertain and give support to children who are undergoing heart surgery at the various hospitals we work with.

Since its founding in August 2003, Heart to Heart Shanghai (known as Gift of Life Friends until 1 July 2006) has received numerous in-cash and in-kind donations from socially responsible individuals, groups and corporations which have been applied either to our Heart Surgery Sponsorship program or to provide assistance to the children and their families whom we support.

In October 2005, Heart to Heart Shanghai launched its Heart Bears fund-raising campaign. Our Heart Bears are extremely popular and continue to raise much needed funds for child heart surgery sponsorship. Equally as important, they also raise awareness both in Shanghai and overseas of the community outreach work Heart to Heart Shanghai successfully undertakes.

Heart to Heart Shanghai is a hands-on group and all of our current community outreach projects have stemmed from our close involvement with the hospitalized children receiving remedial heart surgery. Starting as a hospital play-group one day a week, we now conduct hospital play sessions six afternoons every week. Our clothing, toys, blankets, personal hygiene products and food donation projects also stem from our association with the children, their families and their village neighbors.

Visits by our Volunteers to see the children in their provincial village homes and schools after their successful heart surgery also gave impetus for our Heart to Heart Shanghai School Library project whereby we seek cash donations to enable us to provide a needy rural school with a complete set of Library books to benefit all their students for many years to come.

To continue with our life-saving and life-changing outreach work, Heart to Heart Shanghai needs your support.  Click here to find out more about the different ways you can help.